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aurora arctic conservation

full re-brand

case study


This project was a full rebranding of Aurora Arctic Conservation Organization, a non-profit organization whose mission is to take climate action to protect the arctic, the oceans and the animals within. The goal was to create a professional and engaging presence that informs the public of the companies mission while looking interesting enough to encourage interaction in the form of donations, volunteer time, and climate-action.

Starting with the logo my attention was focused on the animals, in particular animals that aren’t always the forefront of climate discussions. Polar bears and whales felt like the obvious first choice, but because most people already have some base knowledge about the issues surrounding those species, I included the arctic fox and the narwhal. The narwhal’s tusk also offered an interesting design feature that ties the two halves of the circle together and brings a sense of motion to the symbol. The two animals are both looking to the right, implying they’re looking to the future, and in a horizontal version of the logo will move the viewer’s eyes naturally from the symbol into the wordmark. To capitalize on the sense of motion with the narwhal and to create a more engaging version of the symbol I created a motion version both in colour and dropped out.


The stationary package, including the letterhead, business cards, and an envelope, was created as a base for the brand. These pieces will give the company a professional edge, increasing its perceived status, and the trust other benefactors and participants will have in them.

For the website, plenty of photography was used as images resonate with people better than anything else, photography was also used to maintain the brand colours and a round-bottomed banner was used as an interesting design element that compliments the round logo. Lastly, plenty of call-to-actions were used to encourage user interaction.

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